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Free Quotes | Over 50 Years of Experience | 5-Year Warranty for Paint Booths and Ovens

Benefits and Features of Our Air Makeup Units

  • Can be installed easily

  • Lowers energy costs

  • Improves the paint finishing application

  • Helps increase the production with an accelerated dry time

  • Lightweight construction and lower sound levels


The CT series air makeup unit ensures that 100% of the exhausted air from the booth enclosure is replaced with fresh, filtered, tempered outside air.


Get Filtered Heated Air With an Air Makeup Unit

The air in your makeup unit will make a difference in the quality of the finish. It's important that the air temperature variations should be minimal and particulates shouldn't be present in the air. This can be managed by using a precision-controlled air makeup unit from Automation Project Solutions.

The air makeup units provided by us are ETL-listed and ensure that the entire booth delivers conditioned and filtered heated air evenly.

As we have over 25 years of experience, we understand the different needs of our clients and offer customized solutions that are ideal for your situation. We offer you the best quality air make up units as well as provide maintenance services. Count on us to be there to handle everything! Contact us today for more details.

High Quality Air Makeup Units

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5 Year Warranty

Rely on us to provide high-quality Air Make-up Units from RTT Engineered Solutions at competitive prices. We provide a 5-year warranty on ovens. Get in touch with us for further details.​

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