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CT Series Air Make-Up Unit


CT Series Air MakeUp Unit

The CT Series Air Makeup Unit replaces 100% of the exhausted air from the booth enclosure or building with fresh, filtered, tempered outside air. The CT Series AMU is equipped with a custom control panel designed specifically for the finishing industry.

The CT AMU is the solution for a competitively priced project. They offer many of the same options as the EZ Heat and Cure AMU series, with the advantage of lightweight construction and lower sound levels.

Standard Features

  • ETL Listed to ANSI Z83.25 – CSA3.19

  • G90 Galvanized Finish

  • Automatic Booth Pressure Control

  • Motorized Auto Gas Control

  • Low Sound Level Forward Curve Fan

  • All Digital Microprocessor, PID, Dual Set Point Temp Controller

  • Intake Shutoff Damper with Automatic Actuator

  • Power Profile Dampers for Burner Optimization

  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to Control Booth Exhaust Fan for User-Friendly Booth Pressure Balancing

  • Control Module with Alarm History and Technical Information

  • Digital Magnehelic Gauge

  • User-Adjustable Recipes for Spray, Flash, Cure 1, Cure 2, and Cool Time

  • Approved Combustion Components Provide for a Safe Working Environment

  • 2” Cleanable Intake Filters

Optional Features

  • Manual Balance Adjustments

  • Prep Mode

  • Recirculation

High Quality Air Makeup Units

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5 Year Warranty
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DDC Control Panel
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