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Filters & Arrestors


RP Arrestors are disposable paint overspray collectors that efficiently trap paint solids before they reach the exhaust stack, also known as a paint booth filter. These were the first dry paint booth filters specifically designed to control paint overspray. Through the years, these high-efficiency and high-capacity paint booth filters have proven to be a cost effective, efficient way to handle virtually every overspray requirement. Fabricated of slit and expanded paper, or slit and expanded paper with polyester, the multiple layers of RP Arrestors are assembled so the intake side has larger openings than the exhaust side. This provides depth loading for maximum service life.

Paint Booth Filter Features & Benefits

  • Every RP Paint Arrestor paint booth filter, including the prefilter series, has a new, patented face sheet design. It produces a unique airflow pattern which traps more overspray using less material than before. You save by reducing:

  • Volume of stored material

  • Number of change-outs

  • Down time

  • Amount of material to dispose

Dry Paint Booth Filter System Offers

  • A significant improvement over virtually all types and methods of overspray collection systems

  • Reduced operating and disposal costs since the product is degradable and can be incinerated

  • A complete line of pads and rolls

  • A prefilter to extend the life of virtually any paint overspray collector

  • All necessary hardware for new paint spray booths or conversion of existing installations

  • Onsite consultation by an RP Paint Arrestor Sales Manager

  • Complete engineering design and assistance

  • Product availability everywhere

Spray Cube-SE Product Box

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