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VHD Batch Ovens


RTT designs and fabricates batch curing ovens to meet a wide range of industrial curing applications for both liquid and powder coatings. RTT ovens are designed for efficient performance utilizing high-quality Eclipse Version 2 direct fired burners. The oven is designed around an internal frame structure which supports prefabricated insulated oven panels that interlock, simplifying installation. The floor mounted pretested burner box assembly supplies heated air to distribution plenum in the ceiling of the oven permitting full overhead discharge. This downdraft design combined with dedicated combustion and exhaust blowers allow for optimal air flow within the oven, which equates to quicker ramp up times and faster batch processing.

RTT ovens are supplied with our industry leading SmartTouch Control Panel. Utilizing the touchscreen interface, the operator can intuitively scroll through the various menu features which includes batch timers, alarms, programmable recipes, maintenance schedules and diagnostics. RTT ovens are also supplied with our SmartConnect feature which is an app-based program that allows for remote monitoring of the oven parameters and can also be configured to send notifications. RTT offers as an option the SmartBatch feature which provides real time part temperature monitoring.

RTT’s standard batch ovens are provided with dual entry doors. Optional door configurations include bi-fold or sliding in situations where floor space is an issue. RTT also offers a premium AutoSeal metalized fabric roll-up door designed for reduced energy usage, ease of operation and operator convenience. Contact us for more detailed information or custom oven designs

Oven Features

  • Internal angle iron frames in all models

  • 20-gauge aluminized steel with 4” insulated panels

  • Single entry and double entry designs

  • In house design and fabrication of oven panels and components

  • Slotted channel design to reduce heat transfer

  • Explosion relief doors with FM approved latches

  • Eclipse Version 2 air heat burners

  • Superior airflow design to reduce heat transfer.

  • Maximum operating temperature of 450F

  • All RTT batch ovens comply with applicable OSHA and NFPA standards

Batch Cure Chamber
5 Year Warranty

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