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Ya sea que desee una cabina de pintura para equipos de acabado industrial o su instalación de pintura de automóviles, puede obtener una excepcional de Automation Project Solutions. Cada stand que proporcionamos ofrece un ambiente limpio y  entorno de trabajo seguro.


  • E-Light LED lighting is more energy efficient than standard fluorescent lights, on average 1/2 the energy cost.

  • E-Lights provide 4000 lumens of output with only 33 watts of energy or 8000 lumens of output with only 65 watts of energy. T8 fluorescent lights require 68 watts of energy to provide 4000 lumens and 136 watts of energy to produce 8000 lumens.

  • Dimmable models are available for applications when full illumination is not needed, conserving even more energy.

Cost Savings

  • E-Lights have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, lowering maintenance costs and long-term operating costs.

  • LED life is 5-10 times longer than fluorescent bulbs.

  • RTT’s exclusive enclosed design means no reed switch wiring (interlock) is required.

  • RTT’s LED Retrofit kits offer an easy-to-install, economical upgrade to LED lighting in booths currently utilizing fluorescent lights.

  • Installation is achieved from inside the booth, saving time.

E-Light with LED

Truer Color

  • E-Lights provide more vibrant color with true color rendering. Offering a fuller color spectrum where color match is important.

  • E-Lights do not deteriorate over time. Fluorescent lights start deteriorating upon installation which results in cooler temperatures and reduced output.

  • E-Lights utilize a fully diffused lighting design.


  • 4000 & 8000 lumen models available

  • Dimmable models available

  • ETL listed for U.S. and Canada

  • Class I Division 2 Groups A,B,C,D

  • Class II Division 2 Groups F,G

  • 22-Gauge steel construction with white powder coat for a high reflective finish

  • Meet and/or exceed NFPA, OSHA, and NEC requirements

  • Designed to accept either 120VAC or 277VAC power

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