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APS values teamwork, trust, mutual respect, collaboration, and hard work.
APS provides full services on a stand-alone basis
APS can also supplement & support your in-house organization.

Lean Manufacturing Deployment

Onsite Service is customized and tailored directly to your specific needs, goals, & objectives.  Service may include:

1.  Process Analysis - identify areas to improve efficiency, reduce waste, improve quality, or improve throughput.

2.  Process Analysis - evaluate your processes to identify if any of the 8 Wastes of Manufacturing may be reduced.

3.  Implementation of Visual Factory Aides - adding or updating signage or placards to reduce "in search of" time.

4.  Standardized Work - update, revise, or add simple tools, simple procedures, & training to leverage best practices.

5.  Quick Changeover - update, revise, or add quick change over tools & techniques to minimize down time.

6.  Kanban or Inventory Management - review, update, or revise inventory management practices to minimize inventory.

7.  5S Implementation or Improvement - Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain    "A place for everything..."


Technical Problem Solving

Service is customized and tailored directly to your specific needs, goals, & objectives.  APS can work independently on your problems (not recommended), guide your team through a problem-solving process focused on a goal important to your business, or provide working level support to your in-house problem solvers.  APS has hands on practical experience and success utilizing Six Sigma, Taguchi Methods, Y to X and Process of Elimination Strategies, and other technical problem-solving tools such as Traditional Statistical Quality Control.  APS believes in applying any tool available to solve the problem as quickly as possible, at the lowest possible cost, while ensuring the preservation of Customer Satisfaction, Quality, Profitability, and Business Objectives for both the short and long term.  APS has broad experience solving both simple and complex manufacturing, testing, and product problems associated with mechanical, electrical, automation, and manual operations and processes.

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