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Customer Fasteners


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Get Fasteners That Are Perfect for Your Project

As a licensed SOM Distributor APS provides both standard and customized fasteners.  APS excels in meeting your specific fastening goals objectives and needs. When you need standard or custom fasteners for your automotive manufacturing facility or construction project, you don't have to look any further than Automation Project Solutions. 

Rely on us to understand your project's specifications and provide innovative and economical solutions accordingly. In addition to providing high-quality fasteners, we can service your existing production equipment too. Contact us today to learn more.

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Types of Fasteners:

  • Construction fasteners

  • Industrial fasteners

  • Automotive fasteners

  • Furniture fasteners

Nylok’s patented NYCOTE® coating process provides an affordable and efficient way of protecting fastener threads from weld spatter and electrodeposited coating and primers. In 2010, SOM was granted Nycote ® coating license from NYLOK/ US as a single licensee in Turkey. SOM is the only licensee in the entire world applying Nycote to its own product and also to the other manufacturer’s products.

Weld Nuts

Joined to the sheet metal by welding application. Produced in different proof load resistance, has different geometries depending on the place of use, also produced without threads for use in self-threading bolts

Lock Nuts

Fasteners ensures the required tightening and disassembling torque during assembly and resist loosening where it is used.

Cold Formed Tubes

Cold Formed Bushes

Cold-Formed Spaces produced threadless, threaded, flanged, with welding projection or without. Perform fastening functions where fitted.

Cold Formed Parts

Fasteners with different geometries produced by cold forming method.

Gear Parts

Fastening element used to provide a rational motion function where it is used. Can be produced as cold forging in different sizes in accordance with customer's technical drawings.

Nylon Insert Nuts

Has sealing feature and used to prevent loosening in places where there is jolt and vibration.

Sigma Profile Nuts

Designed according to the profile. The notches on the surface enable the profile to hold more firmly to the surface.

Other Fasteners

Brass Nuts

Brass Nuts


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