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Our Large Equipment Paint Booths

The engineering team at RTT has enhanced the design of our large size spray booths for vehicle, large equipment, and other high-capacity industrial finishing applications. By using structural steel for every 10 feet of length as well as 14-gauge stiffening panels, we have strengthened the booth integrity while providing efficient space to accommodate larger vehicles. Our truck and large equipment booths feature full illumination and exceptional ventilation for a professional finish every time.

Standard Features that Strengthen Booth Integrity

  • Industry-leading, W6x9 steel vertical members that allow the booth to accept standard manlifts without upgrades or upcharges

  • Structurally-sound steel to help eliminate the “oil canning” effect

  • Bright, full booth illumination provided by UL listed, four-tube, 32-watt, fluorescent light fixtures

  • “Anywhere placement” of personnel doors and light fixtures

  • 5/16” bolts versus industry-standard 1/4” bolts for tighter, more secure bolting

  • Powder-coated structural steel members

  • Optional powder coating available

  • Design offers substantial savings during installation – taking up to 25% less time to complete the job

  • Spray booths manufactured by RTT meet and/or exceed all applicable OSHA and NFPA regulations

crossdraft paint booth

Cross Draft Large Equipment 

The simplest configuration or airflow, crossdraft booths are efficient and economical. These booths are best suited for coating industrial/large equipment, truck and wood applications. Airflow entering the work environment from one end and exhausting from the other creates an airflow design useful for a wide range of products with minimal volume of air movement.

modified downdraft paintbooth

Modified Down Draft

Offering a clean and healthy work place, modified downdraft spray booths allow for easy pressurization without increasing the footprint of the booth. Airflow from the cleaner upper levels of the shop through the filter intake plenum creates a longer filter life for intake filtration in non-pressurized applications. Airflow design allows for use with a wide variety or product types and shapes.

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5 Year Warranty
side downdraft paintbooths

Side Down Draft

Shops or facilities in search of the most economical solution will appreciate the side downdraft paint booths. With this configuration, there is no need to install a pit while still benefiting from the versatility, functionality and efficiency of a downdraft paint booth.

downdraft paint booths

Down Draft Large Equipment

Downdraft booths are among the most popular as a result of their superior airflow control. By managing overspray more efficiently and reducing prep time, downdraft booths redirect fresh air through a filtered booth ceiling for an enhanced work environment. The air moves down to the bottom of the booth where it is exhausted in an efficient, effective way.

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