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Free Quotes | Over 50 Years of Experience | 5-Year Warranty for Paint Booths and Ovens

Select From Our Variety of Powder Coating Booths

Talk with us about your project requirements, and our experts will help you select a paint booth that will align with your technique and objectives. You can find the following powder coating booths from us:​

batch powder booths
cartridge batch powder booths
pass through
lab powder booths

Get a Powder Coating Booth That Fits Your Needs

5 Year Warranty

Rely on us to provide high-quality Paint Booths from RTT Engineered Solutions at competitive prices. We provide a 5-year warranty on ovens. Get in touch with us for further details.​

Powder coating booths are used in different industries for a wide range of applications. Deciding the type of powder coating booth to purchase would depend on your application, equipment configurations, and your budget.

Let our professionals help you understand the benefits of every type of powder coating booth and assist you with making the right choice.

  • Batch powder booth

  • Has an open front design

  • Used for low volume powder applications

  • Cartridge batch powder booth

  • Open front or open face feature

  • Perfect for small to mid-size powder applications

  • Pass-through powder booth

  • Ideal for conveyorized coating applications

  • Lab powder coating booth

  • Used for processes that have a limited finishing space

  • Extremely quiet and environmentally friendly

You can trust our professionals to help you with project management and offer consulting services to businesses. Contact us today to learn more.

Need a Paint or Powder Coating Booth?

Call us today for a free quote.

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