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Free Quotes | Over 50 Years of Experience | 5-Year Warranty for Paint Booths and Ovens

Is Your Business Facing Challenges?

  • Labor or Engineering Shortages

  • Rising Costs / Inflationary Pressure

  • Operational or Quality Challenges

  • Training Needs

  • Capacity Constraints

Automation Project Solutions

provides the following:

  • Automation & Controls

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Technical Problem Solving

  • Customized Operational Training

  • Capital Equipment Expansion

APS Business & Partnerships Profile

  • APS is proud to serve our Customers and Partners

  • APS consists of two engineering and business principals

  • APS utilizes partners for fabrication, skilled trades, and some engineering design

  • APS does not directly fabricate electrical panels or mechanical equipment

  • Our skills - matching the best Automation and Lean solutions to Customer's needs

  • APS business plan allows us to earn a living doing what we love the most- engineering

PanelView, Legacy HMI

Customized professional electrical, and mechanical engineering services. 

APS fosters trusted relationships with & among Customers, Partners, & Suppliers. We also specialize in working with legacy PLCs such as A-B SLCSLC500 series, PLC5 series, GE 90-30 Series, & Siemens S7-200 Series.

We have worked on old HMIs such as A-B PanelView 900s and other obsoleted HMI packages. We can help you keep your machines running or upgrade them to the latest and greatest technology.

We have years of experience in various conveyor system installation, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance.

SLC500, Legacy PLC
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