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Filters & Arrestors


Ya sea que desee una cabina de pintura para equipos de acabado industrial o su instalación de pintura de automóviles, puede obtener una excepcional de Automation Project Solutions. Cada stand que proporcionamos ofrece un ambiente limpio y  entorno de trabajo seguro.

Paint Booth Filter Features & Benefits

  • Every RP Paint Arrestor paint booth filter, including the prefilter series, has a new, patented face sheet design. It produces a unique airflow pattern which traps more overspray using less material than before. You save by reducing:

  • Volume of stored material

  • Number of change-outs

  • Down time

  • Amount of material to dispose

Dry Paint Booth Filter System Offers

  • A significant improvement over virtually all types and methods of overspray collection systems

  • Reduced operating and disposal costs since the product is degradable and can be incinerated

  • A complete line of pads and rolls

  • A prefilter to extend the life of virtually any paint overspray collector

  • All necessary hardware for new paint spray booths or conversion of existing installations

  • Onsite consultation by an RP Paint Arrestor Sales Manager

  • Complete engineering design and assistance

  • Product availability everywhere

Spray Cube-SE Product Box

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