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Industrial Exhaust Chambers


Ya sea que desee una cabina de pintura para equipos de acabado industrial o su instalación de pintura de automóviles, puede obtener una excepcional de Automation Project Solutions. Cada stand que proporcionamos ofrece un ambiente limpio y  entorno de trabajo seguro.

Booth Features

  • Exhaust chambers are constructed from 18-gauge, prime quality galvanized steel. Structural steel is used to add strength and rigidity as necessary. Control panel is optional. Fire control systems are to be supplied by others.

  • High efficiency W-Series RP Paint Arrestor blanket media ships with every chamber for extended life, increased depth loading and holding capacity. The blanket filters are secured in place with RTT FilterLoc technology which provides a tighter seal to the chamber eliminating overspray bypass while providing quick and easy filter change outs.

  • A tubeaxial exhaust fan, designed specifically for use in paint spray exhaust chambers, powers the airflow through the exhaust stack. All exhaust fans are of non-sparking construction.

  • Efficient motor drive and bearings are sealed from the air stream of the exhaust. Motors are provided with each unit. Optional explosion-proof motor upgrade is required for flammable painting environments.

  • Air solenoid valve interlocked to the exhaust fan and air supply for the spray application equipment is also included.

  • RTT booths meet and/or exceed quality performance standards and all applicable OSHA and NFPA regulations.

Industrial Exhaust Chamber
5 Year Warranty

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Industrial Exhaust Chambers
Industrial Exhaust Chambers
Industrial Exhaust Chambers
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